How much can you earn from blogging?

hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about how much money you can make from blogging.

These days, more and more people are running blogs and making money on the Internet, so many of you may be wondering how much money you can make in this field.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to monetize your blog and how much you can earn.

1. How to make money from blogging

1.1 Advertising revenue

One of the most basic ways is advertising revenue. You can place ads on your blog through Google AdSense or other advertising partner programs and earn money per ad click or impression. Advertising revenue may vary depending on your blog’s traffic and advertisers’ bids.

1.2 Product Sales

Promoting and selling your products or services through a blog is one way to make money. For example, you can sell crafts you make or teach online classes and earn tuition.

1.3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commissions by promoting and selling another company’s products or services. You can earn money by introducing related products on your blog and making sales through links from affiliate partners.

1.4 Sponsorships and donations

Receiving sponsorships or donations from fans or readers is one way to monetize your blog. Bloggers with a large fan base can receive donations through platforms like Patreon.

2. How big will the profit be?

How much money you can make from your blog depends on several factors. Some key factors are:

  • Traffic: The more visitors your blog receives, the more likely it is to generate more advertising and product sales.
  • Blog Topics: Blogs that cover popular topics or expensive products can expect to earn more.
  • Advertising efficiency: Ad revenue varies depending on ad click-through rate and advertiser bid.
  • Marketing Effort: Earnings may vary depending on the blogger’s efforts to promote the blog and drive traffic through marketing.

The good news is that the possibilities for monetizing your blog are endless. If you invest a lot of effort and time, you can reap significant returns. However, this is not easy, and you may end up earning less than you expect at the start. The important thing is patience and continued hard work, and if you manage your own blog successfully, your profits will also increase.

Those who want to monetize their blog should remember that it requires topic selection, marketing strategy, and constant learning and experimentation. With passion and hard work in any field, you can increase your potential to see how much money you can make from your blog.

This concludes our article on how much you can earn from blogging. We wish you the best of luck as you find success in the world of blogging!

Are there any downsides to getting a health checkup?

Hello everyone who is interested in health! Today we are going to look at a different perspective on health checkups. Although health screenings play an important role in assessing health and detecting disease early, there are some drawbacks to this process that must be considered.

Cost Matters: Unexpected Financial Burdens

Health checkups usually incur medical expenses, which can result in unexpected financial burdens. Some tests or screening items may not be covered by insurance, which can be an additional cost for many people.


False positive results: anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Additionally, one of the potential drawbacks of health screening is false positive results. A false positive test result may result in additional testing or unnecessary stress and anxiety. This can cause patients to feel constant anxiety about their health.

Excessive examination and overtreatment: indiscriminate medical procedures

Another disadvantage is excessive screening and overtreatment. Getting checkups too frequently or undergoing unnecessary tests and treatments can lead to unnecessary medical procedures, even for healthy people. This can result in patients having to undergo unnecessary medical procedures even when they are healthy.

Privacy concerns: risk of exposing sensitive information

Lastly, since health checkups deal with personal health information, privacy issues must also be considered. Health information is considered sensitive information and, if not properly protected, poses a risk of personal information exposure.

Conclusion: You need to choose wisely

Health screening is an important tool, but its drawbacks must also be considered. When making medical decisions, we encourage you to consider cost, false positive results, excessive screening and overtreatment, and privacy when making wise choices. In your health journey, it is important to decide which medical procedure is right for you.

How to check your horoscope in various ways

Fortune telling is a traditional cultural belief that predicts a series of events and circumstances that can predict or influence the future at a specific date or time.

The methods and types of horoscope reading vary depending on region, culture, religion and personal beliefs.


It is a method of predicting an individual’s fate and personality based on their horoscope. The most well-known divination techniques are Western solar divination and Chinese zodiac divination.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a deck of cards used to predict the future or give advice. Tarot card readers draw cards and interpret the pictures and symbols to provide predictions. 2024운세

Four Pillars of Destiny

China’s traditional Four Pillars of Fortune is a method of predicting fate and personality based on an individual’s year, month, day, and time of birth.


Runes are symbols that originate from ancient Germanic mythology and are used to predict the future and give advice. Rune readers draw symbols from rune tablets and interpret them.


Palmistry is a predictive method that analyzes the wrinkles, shapes and lines of the hands to predict various aspects such as a person’s personality, health, love and career.


This is a method of predicting the future by reading coffee grounds or tea leaves. The contents and patterns of the cup are interpreted to determine fortunes.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is a method of interpreting an individual’s dreams to find the meaning or meaning of the future. Decoding symbols and messages in dreams.


It is a method of predicting an individual’s fate and personality based on numbers. Results are derived by interpreting the individual’s name and date of birth.

Sacred Texts and Origins

A method of seeking information or advice related to fortune telling from religious texts or spiritual sources. For example, it uses information prophesied in the Bible, Buddhist scriptures, folk mythology, etc.

Fortune telling is often used for entertainment or counseling purposes, but is not scientifically proven and is based on belief or faith. Whether an individual checks or believes in horoscopes is a personal choice and requires sound judgment and caution.

How to work effectively during working hours

What should I do to work effectively during working hours? Please read the methods below and apply them to suit your work style.

goal setting

Set daily or weekly goals and clearly define the outcomes you want to achieve. When your goals are clear, you can focus more and work effectively.

Priority settings

Before you start work, identify and prioritize your important and urgent tasks. You can utilize priority setting tools such as the Eisenhower matrix or the ABCD method.

make a plan

Create a daily or weekly plan before you start work. To manage your time effectively, break down your tasks into smaller chunks and create a to-do list to stay on track.

Concentration and fatigue management

Minimize distractions to focus on your work. If necessary, improve your work environment and use measures to temporarily block noise. Additionally, you must take regular breaks and rest your body and mind to work effectively.

time management

To manage your time, log your time and stick to the time you allot for tasks. Switch between tasks efficiently and try to complete tasks on time without procrastinating.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is generally not an effective way to work. It’s more efficient to focus on one task and get it done.

Free up valuable work time

Do important tasks in the morning or when you are most productive. Tackle less important tasks during times when you have less energy and focus. 근무일수계산기

work with the team

Collaborate with colleagues and communicate with team members to get the information or support you need. Having support from others can improve your work efficiency.

Learning and Improving

Be willing to improve and learn new tools, techniques and ways of working. Improving your knowledge and skills will improve your work efficiency.

daily review

After you finish your work, conduct a daily review to reflect on the day’s accomplishments and think about how you can work more effectively.

Working effectively can help increase your quality of work and productivity, which can help reduce work stress and maintain a balance between work and personal life.

How to enjoy Instagram more fun

Instagram is a social media platform optimized for sharing photos and videos and communicating with other users. Here are some ideas and tips.

Share various contents

To make your Instagram more interesting, try sharing different types of content. Provide a variety of content using not only photos, but also videos, stories, and IGTV.

Use stories

Instagram Stories are a great tool for sharing ephemeral content. You can attract attention by posting everyday moments, interesting stories, and stories that interact with your followers.

Use hashtags

Using good hashtags can help more people discover your posts. Choose relevant hashtags and add them to your post.

Use different filters

Instagram offers a variety of filters. Use filters appropriately to make your photos look more beautiful or convey a special atmosphere.

Share rich stories

Tell the story of your photo or video better by adding captions to your posts. Drive engagement with your followers by providing relevant stories or background information.

Interaction and Cheering

Interaction with followers and other users is important in making Instagram more fun. Comment, like, and support other users’ activities. 인스타 스토리 몰래보기

Follow according to topics or interests

Keep your feed rich by following topics or accounts of interest on Instagram. This makes it easier to find interesting content.

Use storytelling

It’s important to tell your story on Instagram. Try to improve your storytelling skills to make your content more moving and entertaining.

Share useful information

Providing useful information to your followers is one of the fun ways to have fun on Instagram. Provide valuable content by posting tips, tricks, talks, product recommendations, etc.

Actively Interact

Actively interact and communicate with your followers and other users. Stay connected and meet more friends through comments, messages, and DMs.

Instagram is a platform that you can have fun with according to your own style and goals. Create a more engaging Instagram experience by sharing diverse content and interacting with your followers.

How to download Twitter videos

I have summarized how to download videos from Twitter.

Follow the steps below and you will easily succeed.

How to download Twitter videos

Open a tweet: Find the tweet containing the video you want to download.

Copy the Tweet address: Open the Tweet and copy the Tweet’s URL address from your browser address bar.

Use Online Twitter Video Downloader: There are many free online tools on the internet to download Twitter videos. Choose one of these and use it.

Paste URL: Go to the website of the online tool of your choice and paste the URL of the copied tweet.

Click the Download button: Click the “Download” or similar button in the tool to download the corresponding Twitter video.

Select Quality: You can choose the quality of the video you want to download or set options. There are usually a variety of quality options available.

Download: Once settings are complete, click the “Download” button to download the video.

Select storage location: Select the location you want to download to your computer and start downloading.


It is illegal to redistribute downloaded videos without the consent of the copyright holder. Use downloaded videos for personal use only. 트위터 동영상 다운로드

We take your privacy and security seriously and recommend using trusted online tools.

You must comply with Twitter’s Terms of Use Policy. Please review the relevant policies before downloading videos.

Now you know a simple way to download Twitter videos. Always use in compliance with copyright and related laws.

Advantages of Jailbreaking iPhone: Customization and Expandability

iPhone is one of the mobile phones that offers excellent security and stability. However, jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to bypass existing iOS restrictions and enjoy various benefits. Below we introduce the main advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone.

Freedom to install apps

A jailbroken iPhone can install apps that are not in the Apple App Store. This allows you to take advantage of apps, themes, and various extensions available outside the United States.


Jailbreaking your iPhone helps you personalize your device. You can change the home screen theme, icon style, system font, sound, etc. to your liking. 아이폰탈옥

root access

A jailbroken iPhone allows root access and allows you to directly access system files and adjust detailed settings. This helps improve performance and optimize your system.

More features

A jailbroken iPhone offers additional features that iOS doesn’t have. You can take advantage of features such as screen recording, split screen, touch gestures, and more.

Various applications

Jailbreaking allows you to install various applications and useful tools. For example, custom dialers, emulators, system monitoring tools, etc.

Illegal video downloading

However, caution is required as overuse of these features may lead to copyright issues.


Jailbreaking your iPhone may affect its security and stability, and may result in loss of warranty. Additionally, if used for illegal purposes, it may be considered illegal. Therefore, if you are considering jailbreaking your iPhone, it is important to use caution and follow safe software and instructions.

Jailbreaking an iPhone gives users additional freedom and functionality, but it should only be used for legal purposes.

How can I overcome sleep when I feel sleepy?

How can you beat sleep when you’re sleepy? This is one of the problems we often experience in our daily lives.

It is not easy to do it properly, especially when you are sleepy while working or studying.

In this article, learn about different ways to overcome sleepiness when you feel sleepy.

Causes of Drowsiness

First, it is important to determine the cause of sleepiness. Sleepiness occurs for a variety of reasons.

lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of sleepiness. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body becomes tired.


Stress tires the brain and makes it tense. This causes drowsiness.

Irregular life pattern

Irregular lifestyle patterns can confuse biorhythms and disrupt sleep patterns.

food and drinks

Consuming caffeine or high-fat or high-sugar foods can cause drowsiness. Conversely, light snacks or meals can reduce drowsiness.

How to overcome sleep when you are sleepy

Now let’s look at various ways to overcome sleep when you feel sleepy.

enough sleep

One of the most basic ways is to get enough sleep. It is recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Sleep plays an important role in restoring our body and brain. Therefore, prevent drowsiness by getting enough sleep.

a short break

Rather than continuing to work or study while drowsy, it may be helpful to take short breaks.

Taking a short break of 10-20 minutes can help your brain and body relieve some of the fatigue.


Poor circulation of indoor air can cause drowsiness. Going outside and getting some fresh air can help you recover from fatigue.

food and drinks

Drinks high in caffeine or foods containing excessive sugar can cause drowsiness.

It is recommended that you avoid these foods and drinks. Instead, you can choose a light snack or meal to fuel yourself.


Try light stretching exercises to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. It helps relieve fatigue.

drink water

Lack of water can cause drowsiness. That’s why it’s important to drink enough water.

Water can help boost your body’s metabolism and maintain energy.

Biological Clock Management

Maintaining a regular lifestyle helps prevent drowsiness.

It is good to have a regular routine by waking up and going to bed at the same time every day.

Limit smartphone and computer use

Smartphones and computer screens stimulate the brain and can make you drowsy. Limit screen time to reduce blue light emissions, especially at night. It is also a good idea to lower the brightness on your smartphone.

The process of creating a WordPress blog

WordPress is a powerful platform widely used to create and manage blogs. In this article, I will explain in detail the process of creating a WordPress blog.

Choose a domain and hosting

The first thing you need to do to create a WordPress blog is choose a domain and hosting space. The domain is the address of the blog, and hosting is the space where the website is stored and made public. 워드프레스 사용법

Install WordPress

After setting up your hosting account, you need to install WordPress. Most hosting providers offer one-click installation of WordPress. Once the installation is complete, you can create an administrator account and start blogging.

Choose a theme

WordPress offers a variety of themes, among which you need to choose the one that suits your blog. Your theme will determine the look of your blog, so it’s important to choose it carefully.

Add plugin

Plugins are tools that help extend the functionality of WordPress. You can further enhance the functionality of your blog by installing and activating the necessary plugins.

Write content

Now it’s time to write content for your blog. You can write text using Markdown format and add media such as pictures or videos.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for improving your blog’s search engine rankings. Optimize your content through keyword research and add meta descriptions to help your blog appear in search results.

Enhanced security

The security of your blog is very important. Protect your blog by installing security plugins and updating them regularly.

Regular updates and backups

Always keep your WordPress and plugins up to date, and create regular backups to keep your blog data safe.

Social media integration

Consider integrating with social media to promote your blog and increase traffic. You can help readers easily share your posts by adding share buttons.

Building a community

Running a successful blog requires interaction with your readers. Take advantage of the comment feature and connect with your readers through social media.


The process of creating a blog using WordPress is simple, but requires ongoing effort and management. To grow your blog in the future, add more content, communicate with readers, and develop it. Running a blog will provide you with a satisfying experience.

Deliver link juice with backlinks

Many people put effort into Google SEO. However, the method is difficult and it is difficult to find the correct answer.

I’m studying too, but I have a lot of questions. So, I am studying while taking the test.

These days, I’m interested in Link Juice.

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So I’m thinking of doing some tests.

I wish the score would move and reflect the way I want.

But on the other hand, I wonder if these scores will help increase Google rankings.

The score is to some extent an indicator, and I think there is something else that is really important.

I also have a hypothesis regarding this part. witneycomputers

Although the score is important, the assumption is that the number of naturally connected and mentioned domains should ultimately be large.

When I look at people who do backlinks, it seems like they do so indiscriminately.

I think quality is more important than quantity. So it will be important to create as many high-quality backlinks as possible, naturally.

What I’m curious about here is the standard of high quality.

I wonder how much of an impact quality will have. Wouldn’t it be okay if it was a site that didn’t have any problems like spam or adult sites?

Of course, most people think that longer exposure on Google and older domains are better.

I agree. But I wonder how big that score is.

If there is no difference, I think it would be a good idea to purchase a new domain or an expired domain, grow it appropriately, and use it.